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Whether it be on Twitter or Facebook, busy business owners and brand managers should most definitely be making use of Facebook’s highly underutilized “Interest List” feature. Didn’t know Facebook had a list feature? I know, it’s well hidden. There are a few key benefits to adding your favourite pages to Facebook lists; it can streamline your efficiency, it can filter out the noise, and you can follow a page without having to “like” it first. (a bonus for those of us who secretly want to follow the Kardashians without a notification showing up in our news feed!).

Adding a page to a list is easy. Simply navigate to the page you wish to add to your list, and instead of clicking the “Like” button, click the gear button to the right, below the cover image. A drop down will appear showing several different options.


Select “Add To Interest List.” You will then be prompted to add that page to a corresponding list. To create a new list, click the “+ New List” at the bottom of the drop down. A new dialogue box will appear prompting you to name your new list and select the privacy settings. Lists can be set to public, friends or private. Done!

Similar to Twitter lists, Facebook’s “Interest Lists” can be a great way to filter out the unwanted “noise” generated by your master news feed. You can find your lists in the left-hand column on your Facebook homepage under “Interests”.

Get organized, create efficiencies, and start engaging with other Facebook pages!

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We have all had it happen to us. We happily upload photos to Facebook, only to see the the top of our head lopped off, or the feature photo is not exactly something you want to feature. Don’t fret, what once was unchangeable, can now be edited with a few quick clicks.
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