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How often have you found yourself on a brand page and been completely turned-off when you find all they talk about his themselves. “Our product is the best.” “We have a 50% off sales.” “Our company is environmentally friendly.” “Our services will make you rich.” No mention of anyone else. No shares. No retweets… just a steady stream of self promotion.

Well, I hate to say it, but it’s not all about you all the time. It’s so easy to get caught up in using social media to talk solely about yourself. Sure consumers want to know how great your product is, how to use it, why to buy it, and receive incentives to try it. But before you know it, your Twitter stream, Facebook page, and Pinterest boards will start to give consumers the impression you only care about yourself. Unfollow! There are more reasons to use social media than to blatantly broadcast your message. You have to take part, network, and contribute!

Contributing to the social community is just as important as self promotion when building your social presence. Take the time to listen to the conversations people are having, and use that opportunity to converse with them in a natural way. Tell stories, respond to questions, take part in Twitter chats, retweet others, share helpful content, provide feedback, and comment on status updates and blog posts… and do this even when it doesn’t pertain to your product (now that’s a hot tip right there!).

The point of social media is to converse with the community, build relationships, and gain your customers trust. Being helpful and taking part in active conversations (even when they are not about you or your product) will humanize your brand, make you more trust worthy, and keep you top of mind.

So stop making it about you 100% of the time and start interacting in a meaningful way.

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