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We’ve heard it before, a photo is worth a thousand words, or in this case, engagement. That’s right, tweets with photos attached receive 2x the engagement than those without! But what is the best way to tweet a photo?

This might be a little controversial, but I always suggest tweeting a photo directly from within the Twitter app vs. tweeting from within a 3rd party app. The main reason for this is because you want to building up your own Twitter media gallery. This can be found on the left hand side of your Twitter profile on the desktop site, or at the bottom of your profile within the Twitter app. Unfortunately photos you tweet from within Instagram (or any third party app) do not get placed into the Twitter media gallery, while photos tweeted from within the Twitter app do!

As easy as it is to autotweet directly from within Instagram, it’s just as easy to tweet a photo from the iPhone gallery.
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We have all had it happen to us. We happily upload photos to Facebook, only to see the the top of our head lopped off, or the feature photo is not exactly something you want to feature. Don’t fret, what once was unchangeable, can now be edited with a few quick clicks.
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