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Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend TweetStock, an event designed to educate businesses about social media and teach them how to grow their brand. The theme was a fun one – Social Media High, and it drew in lots of attendees with varying skill levels, as well as knowledgeable speakers with lots to say.


My schedule for the day was a full one – an opening assembly with Un-Principal Scott Stratten, sessions ranging from Twitter & Facebook 101 to Social SEO and How to Be the Voice of a Brand, lunch in the TweetStock High cafeteria, and of course a graduation address by John Morgan. There was certainly a lot to learn… and a lot to take in.


If I had to pick one major “takeaway” after listening to several talented speakers it would be to be awesome.



This was a topic that was heavily stressed during the opening address by Scott Stratten, throughout the day in several of the sessions, and in John Morgan’s closing remarks. Being awesome shouldn’t be a task for your company, awesomeness should be worked into your company at every level – from HR to the community manager. Being awesome also applies to your marketing strategies – stop trying the same old marketing tactics that consumers have come to hate – pushy ads, cold-calls, flyers – and start listening & responding to what your customers want.


Here are just some of the awesome tips Scott Stratten mentioned:

  • Life Tip from Scott Stratten: “Don’t eat everything you see in Istanbul.”
  • If you’re only awesome to influencers, you are not awesome…
  • Do great things and you will be talked about in social media.
  • Passion + Knowledge = Awesome
  • You can’t automate awesome! It’s the people that make it awesome!
  • Hire people who are passionate & have great interpersonal skills. Good employees add value… and awesomeness.
  • Use QR codes wisely (if at all). They do not work on bill boards, emails, underground, if moving, or if site is not mobile.
  • Social media fixes nothing, it just amplifies.
  • Twitter is not dictation, it’s conversation.
  • I would rather have 1,000 email subscribers than 10,000 followers on Twitter – the shelf life of social is very short.
  • Branding is what you do… it’s your actions. Social influence is your brand, it’s always changing.


I was also pretty excited to receive a copy of Scott’s new book “The Book of Business Awesome“… can’t wait to start reading it! (and if you hurry over to amazon.com you can snag a copy for only $3.98!)


Did you attend the event? I’d love to check out your posts to hear what you thought… just leave me a comment with your link below or send me a quick tweet @Group_Talk.


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