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“I have a Twitter account. A Facebook account. A Pinterest account. A blog…. oh, and a website.”


I hear this one a lot. Small business signing up for social accounts because that is what they have been told they should do. You should be on twitter, you should be on facebook… yea yeah. But you know what? 50% of these business have no strategy when it comes to social media. That’ right, no plan. No idea.


Social tools are powerful. Their power is alluring. But without a solid strategy it can waste time and money.


There are three major steps in developing a social media strategy:

  1. Define: Define your audience. Define your message. Define your goal. Define the platforms. Define your metrics.
  2. Execute: Create your social accounts. Integrate your accounts. Use all account. Establish yourself.
  3. Measure: Measure your growth. Measure your engagement. Measure your visits & pageviews. Measure click rates. Measure social shares.


Everyone will interpret this in their own way, resulting in a strategy that is unique to your business. The point of it is; this simple task can create a more streamlined process for your social media efforts, in turn saving both time and money.


Practice safe social media, don’t drive without a strategy!


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