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Twitter is pretty basic… you want to say something, you type it in less than 140 characters, and click “Tweet.” Simple right? But there are more hidden loopholes than you think. Did you know that the people who follow you on Twitter will not see your every tweet?

That’s right. And it is all directly related to how you start your tweet.

The Difference Between a @Reply and a @Mention

If you are already engaging in conversation on Twitter, you will have already noticed that both @reply’s and @mentions’s show up in your both your Interactions & Mention tab. This is a great way to keep track of who is talking to you (or about you) on twitter.

If you want to interact with someone on twitter, but you are not necessarily talking to them, you would mention them in a tweet.

Example: “I had a great lunch today with @johndoe at our local coffee shop.”

This tweet will show up on John Doe’s mention page, as well as in the public timeline. In other words, everyone will see this tweet, it is public.

However, if you start the tweet with @ Twitter sees this as a reply.

Example: “@johndoe and I had a great lunch today at our local coffee shop”

This tweet will only show up in John Doe’s mention page, and will only be visible in the public timeline of people who are following both you (the tweeter) and John Doe. In other words, it is a semi-private conversation.

How to Avoid this Mistake

The fix is simple. If you want your tweet to be seen by everyone, try to avoid starting any type of general conversation with @. If you have no choice but to start the tweet with @, stick a period in front of the @ sign, this will prevent a semi-private conversation, and will send the tweet into the main Twitter stream for everyone to see.

Do you have any common Twitter mistakes to share?

{Source: Twitter Help}

Brittany StagerWhy hello there. My name is Brittany. I’m glad you have found your way to my corner of the internet. So, where should I start? I guess we can head back to the beginning.


As a child I loved to talk. From what my parents tell me, the only time you could get me to shut up was when we were playing the “Quiet Game”… I rarely won. Communication and story telling quickly became my favourite activities. I wrote tons of short stories, starred in several elementary school plays, and even won a public speaking contest. My speech topic was “Life as a Shoe.” I was in grade 6.


It wasn’t until high school when I started to experience the internet. And it definitely wasn’t the internet we have today. This was dial-up. But even then, I became fascinated.


I studied Advertising & Marketing in college. Although internet marketing was on the rise during that time, for some reason we learned very little of it in school. My passion for online media, led me to websites, forums and blogs, all teaching me how to do everything from set up a website to creating Adsense campaigns. That was it, I was hooked.


Upon graduation I took my first job and began my professional career. For close to 6 years, I had the freedom to try everything from TV advertising to billboards, and everything in between, but my passion was still online. Eventually the idea of social media stuck with my company, and I was able to put everything I had taught myself to the test. I created a blog, a twitter account, and facebook page, and started building relationships.


It wasn’t until December of 2011 when I came to the realization that running my own business could be attainable. So with a stomach full of butterflies, and a head full of ideas, I set out to make it happen.


Specializing in social media management and marketing was almost a no-brainer, it’s where my passion lies. I had run the social program at Mushrooms Canada for three years, and authored my own personal blog and twitter accounts for almost five, and loved it. But could I really make it happen? Can you start a business on pure passion? Lots of advice, business trips and meetings later, GroupTalk was born.


I start this new year confident, proud and excited. I hope that I can be helpful in some way to your business, and I can teach you how to leverage social media to make you successful.


Cheers to a new year! Cheers to your success!


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