Chances are you have heard of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs. All different platforms with one thing in common, talk. Yes, these are the places people are talking. Talking about business. Talking about products. Talking about useless information, like what they’re currently wearing. And guess what? They are also talking about you. Talking about your company. Talking about your products. Are you listening? Are you engaging in conversation? You should be.

At GroupTalk we help you build a strong social media strategy to connect your brand with all that talk. We naturally incorporate social media into your existing marketing and public relations campaigns to support and engage your audience. Whether it be through email marketing, twitter, facebook, blogging, or a combination, GroupTalk will help you create an online presence whereby you can talk to these groups.

There is nothing I believe in more than the power of social media, but it has to be done right. Social media is not complicated, and I’m here to prove that to you!


Brittany Stager
Owner // Social Media Specialist

“There is nothing I believe in more than the power of social media, but it has to be done right. Social media is not complicated if you have a goal oriented strategy and a passionate, knowledgeable, and confident brand. Use social media to engage with your audience, customers, clients, and friends in an authentic non-salesy way. Converse with them. Share your passion. Be human. Social media is not complicated, and I am here to prove that to you.”

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Social tools are powerful, and it goes without say, their power is alluring. But without a solid strategy it can waste time and money. We help you create a social strategy containing attainable goals and tactics; giving you the guidance and confidence to get started quickly and efficiently.


Social media can be confusing and overwhelming at times, and when frustration hits and millions of questions flood your mind, GroupTalk is there! Our social media coaching plan provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, look for guidance, and get feedback that can really make a difference when it comes to your online presence.


Need a hand educating your employees or yourself on how to use social media? GroupTalk offers social media training which gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to successfully manage and engage in social networking. From local social media training in Kitchener-Waterloo, to webinars for international clients, GroupTalk will deliver tailored social media training specific to your business and industry.


So, you have taken the first step, realizing you need to start using social media, but perhaps you don’t have the time, manpower or knowledge to properly execute it. GroupTalk can help. We offer different levels of social media management to implement your social media strategy properly. Everything from set-up to execution, we can assist you in communicating with your groups.


We love what we do, so check out some of our recent work!

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  • The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent worked with Brittany to conduct a webinar on social media. Our target audience was young professionals in the produce industry – individuals 35 years and younger. Brittany connected perfectly with her audience and shared the right amount of detail with them to give them an overall knowledge of the social media ‘space’.

    ALICIA CALHOUN, Program Director / Produce Marketing Association Foundation for Industry Talent
  • The best money I ever spent was hiring Brittany to set up my blog. I received so much more than I paid for. Not only was my site up and running ahead of schedule, but I was sent step by step instructions on how to make any modifications myself. Before I started blogging, I knew nothing about SEO, but Brittany taught me the importance of paying attention to this, and how to maximize it on my site. Best of all, she always responds to my (many) questions within 24 hours, even after her contract was finished.

    JODY ROBBINS, Writer, traveller, newly minted blogger //
  • Brittany was willing to customize social media training based on my specific needs which I really appreciated. She is not a one-size-fits-all kind of person. As a result, her training is targeted to your needs and interests, and you get the results you want. She’s also flexible in her hours and willing to adapt her schedule to her client’s, so that’s a big help to anyone in the freelance world!

    SANDRA PHINNEY, Writer, mentor, photographer, paddler //
  • I had the pleasure of working with Brittany when I hired her to develop branding for my newly launched small business. From the first step to the very last, Brittany guided the process with professionalism, clarity, creativity and expertise. She “got” me – Brittany understood my branding goals and delivered a fully realized version of them. The end result is branding that is beautiful, professional and very much “me.” Furthermore the value Brittany offers her clients is amazing – others are charging double or triple her rates and deliver products that aren’t anywhere near the quality of her work. Hiring Brittany was an excellent investment in my new business, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

    APRIL KILFOYLE, Principal at April Kilfoyle Productions


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